Nowadays, it has become a trend to lose weight, but is it required? People share their weight loss journey “Fat to Fit” and post videos and then start launching and branding all weight loss and gain products. There are so many videos that influence you in losing weight in a day, a week, a month.

Can I genuinely lose 7 kgs in a week? Ask yourself, have you gained the same 7 kgs in a week? If the answer is No, then introspect, study your body, and don’t be harsh on it. If you have not gained it in a month, then give time in losing the unwanted weight. Let’s not compare our bodies with others; we all are unique; our body system functions differently. Some gain quickly, some lose easily. Metabolism works differently in all human body. Some have water weight, and some have mass; some may have bone weight. The number doesn’t categorize your body as healthy or unhealthy. A person weighing 85 kg might be healthier than someone who is 65 kgs. Sweat to shine.

Let me enlighten you with some of the facts and tell you about certain things that we should focus on.

Firstly, losing weight for a particular event, shoots, weddings, or look young should never be your goal. You should speak, think, and work on how healthy you can be. Now, does health only reflects to staying healthy physically? NO. Staying healthy means staying fit physically and mentally. Mental health is also as crucial as your physical health. We all are so concerned about our weight that we often forget the importance of our mental health? Lets us take a pledge on focusing on holistic health. If we decide to give 30 min to our physical activity, plan another 20 min for our mind.

Talking more on Weight Loss, and diet plan, we already have many regimes in the market, but friends let me tell you the truth, foods that you count and eat doesn’t make any sense until and unless eaten at the right time. The most important thing is we need to understand the timing instead of counting the calories. Yes, we should avoid junk foods; unhealthy foods are unhealthy; eating unhealthy foods at the right time doesn’t justify the “right time.” But people who avoid eating ghee, chapatis, rice, etc. in the name of the diet are mistaken. Ghee is good fat, and it has its benefits.

I want to share some of the tips that will help you to achieve your goals. The following thing is effortless to follow.

  1. The most crucial point of any goal is to keep a realistic goal. If you have never worked out or have never followed any diet; don’t just start by eliminating a food or working out for hours. Keep it simple and real.
  2. Try to wake up early around 7:00 am and start your morning with warm water(you can have it with lemon, apple cider vinegar, or honey or all three mix)
  3. Never miss your breakfast. As it is the most important meal of the day. The ideal time to have breakfast is 7–8 am. Don’t have it later than 10:00 am. Remember, eat within 30 mins of waking up. At breakfast, you can eat Poha, upma, plain dosa, idli, paratha, egg, or brown bread with peanut butter.
  4. The ideal time to have lunch is 12:30-2:00 pm. Don’t have it later than 4:00 pm. Must remember a perfect time gap between breakfast and Lunch is 4 hours. At Lunch, you can eat 2 chapati, sabji, and buttermilk. Try to eat as much as green leafy vegetables and pulses, and don’t forget to include salads. One cucumber every day
  5. You can have Green tea at 3:30/4 pm.
  6. You can also eat one fruit at 5:30/6 pm(Optional). Only if you feel like munching eat chana or 2 almonds/walnuts.
  7. The ideal time for dinner is 7-9 pm. Don’t have it later than 10 pm. Must remember the meal should be atleast 3 hours before your sleep. At dinner, you can eat Dal, rice, and half spoon ghee on top (Rujuta Diwekar recommends) and aachar.

For best results, walk/run atleast 2-3 km per day. Physical activity is a must to keep yourself healthy. Spend atleast 20mins in playing some sport or in a gym.

Drink good amount of water. Atleast 4ltrs

Avoid all sorts of biscuits(Wheat/oats)

Skip sugar completely to get results quickly(Like no dessert, no tea/coffee) and no fried stuff

Avoid Alcohols and chakna

Now that we have so many articles, videos, and stories that emphasize the body, let us emphasize the mind too. Many corporate has come up with stress management programs that help an employee to avoid unnecessary stress in work or teaching employee on work-life balance. Ironically, the one who stresses you also gives you the solution to overcome the anxiety. So, its better let’s take 10 min of our time during office hours and do it for ourselves. What can we do to keep ourselves positive?

  1. Meditation. Is it challenging to meditate for 10 min in between your office hours? Closing eyes and trying to be calm will help you get in the right frame of mind and be more productive.
  2. Chair Yoga is a form of modern yoga that can be quickly done in between office hours and allow yourself to relax.
  3. Be more mindful.
  4. Get a night of good sleep.

With all these, you will have a healthy body and mind, and a happier version of yourself 🙂

Let’s connect our body, mind and spirit.

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