Do you want to reactivate your cancelled GST registration number?


This article is mainly designed to help you with this, so read this article till the end.  We have done several research to bring complete information to help with the cancelled GST registration number activation.

So Let’s start and remember don’t skip even a single step; otherwise, you may miss crucial information that can stop you from activating the cancelled GST registration number.

Before coming to the step required to activate a cancelled GST registration number, you need to know a few CRUCIAL information about the activation of your cancelled GST registration number.

Do you know the activation of a cancelled GST number can only be done if you submit the revocation request within the prescribed period? Otherwise, you will not be able to activate your cancelled GST.

YES, you read correctly. The cancelled GST number can’t be activated if you skip submitting your revocation request within 30 days after cancellation. And you also need to know that cancelled GST activation can only be done when the GST certification is cancelled AUTHORITIES.

It means that Cancelled GST registration can’t be activated if the GST certificate is cancelled by you. So remember, revocation of GST can only be done when AUTHORITIES cancelled your GST registration number.

So, can you remind, How your GST registration gets Cancelled??

Is it done by you?? Or has it been cancelled by Authorities??

In case your GST registration is cancelled by you only, we’re extremely sorry as this article will not help you. As voluntarily cancellation of GST registration number can’t be activated.

In case your GST registration is cancelled by authorities, you should keep reading it till the end. As below, we will discuss all the steps in detail that will help you submit your GST registration number revocation request smoothly.

How To Activate Cancelled GST Registration Number Within 30-Days?

Here in the section, we will discuss how to activate a cancelled GST registration number within the prescribed period and if it is not more than 30 days. This section of how to activate the cancelled GST registration number is too crucial for you, so we highly recommend reading it carefully.


Cancelled GST registration number activation requests can be submitted both offline and online. So decide which mode you wish to follow.

But before you make your decision, you need to know the offline process for GST registration number revocation takes more time when compared with the online process.

So, we’ll suggest you submit GST registration revocation via online mode.

If you still need to follow the offline way to activate your cancelled GST registration number, below are the entire process.

Steps To Follow For The Offline Activation Of Cancelled GST Registration Number Within 30-Days

If you’ve made your mind for offline GST registration revocation submission, then read the below-listed step by step guide

  • Visit the official GST website and download the GST REG-21 form
  • Now carefully fill the GST REG-21 form
  • Cross-check your information and send your filled GST REG-21 form to the GST office via speed post/registry

Note- Offline GST number registration revocation submission usually takes more time. And this is the reason why various professionals recommend you to follow the online process.

Steps To Follow For The Online Activation Of Cancelled GST Within 30- Days

If you are all set for online submission of the GST number revocation request, then here the complete process. Follow the below-listed process and get your cancelled GST registration number activated

  1. Visit the GST official website and fill cancelled GST registration Application
  2. Click On The Login Button
  3. Put in your login credential and ensure that it is filled correctly. Now enter the Captcha code & Click on Login Button to log in
  4. Move your mouse cursor to the Service button and choose “application for revocation of cancelled GST registration”
  5. Click on the Application For Revocation Of Cancelled GST Registration Button. You will be redirected to the new page
  6. Now find the “Reason For Revocation” and fill the revocation form and Submit the Application
  7. Submit all the required documents and Click on the Verification box
  8. To verify your revocation, you need to provide an authorized signature and personal details like name, place, and others
  9. Now you can either save your form & retrieve it later, or you can submit your form
  10. When you click on the Submit button, an OTP sends to your registered number or email id
  11. Enter your OTP to validate your revocation form
  12. Now you will get an acknowledgement letter, and you will also get an acknowledgement message on your register mobile number or Email id

Now the concerned GST officials will verify your revocation form. If they found that the activation of Cancelled GST is valid, they will activate your cancelled GST. For the same, you will receive a cancelled GST number activation message on your registered mobile number or email id.

In case the concerned GST official doesn’t find the reason for revocation is valid, then it might happen that your cancelled GST remained suspended. So be careful while submitting the revocation request. We also suggest you fill your revocation with a valid reason.

Note- Cancelled GST Registration activation can’t be done after 30-days, so if you’re willing to activate your cancelled GST, then submit your GST revocation form within 30-days after cancellation.


We’ve tried to provide you with complete information regarding the activation of your cancelled GST registration number and hope that this will help you to submit your GST registration number for revocation successfully.

But again, we advise you to Fill revocation request for the GST registration number within 30-day as there is no rule for the activation of the cancelled GST registration number after 30-days.

GST registration number revocation can be filled both online and offline. As we have mentioned in the above paragraph, online revocation of GST number is quick compared to offline.

Finally, fill in the valid reason while submitting a revocation request for the GST registration number; otherwise, the concerned GST authority cancels your revocation request; as a result, your cancelled GST number remains suspended.

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