Royal Enfield Bikes are the epitome of nostalgia. Due to the Bullet’s unique appearance and the characteristic exhaust tone of the earlier cast-iron motorcycles, the brand has had a tremendous impression on motorcyclists. One of Royal Enfield’s most powerful and popular bikes is the Bullet 350. There are also the longest-selling production bikes. Suppose it was one of the fastest motorcycles of the time, first released in 1931.

To produce the Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike, Enfield Cycle Company and Madras Motors teamed together in 1955 to establish Enfield of India, a company located in Chennai, and began assembling the 350cc motorcycle in Madras. Royal Enfield is well known for supplying bicycles to the Indian military and other countries. The motorcycle was first supplied to the military in 1955. To fulfill its first order, the company had to build an assembly plant in partnership with Madras Motors, India, which assembles a total of 800 motorcycles.

#1. Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Bullet 350 is the most affordable Royal Enfield series motorcycle in India. The Bullet 350 has the same old design to remind you that it is still Royal Enfield. In addition, the motorcycle is equipped with a retro dial and an analog speedometer to complete the charm of an old cruiser.

#2. Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield’s Himalayan is an all-terrain motorbike that can be used on any terrain. “The Himalayan” from Royal Enfield is the company’s first motorbike designed for all terrains. Consequently, it has been built to have few folds or lines in comparison to previous Enfield motorcycles, as well as having a windshield over the traditional spherical headlight, to give it a rough-edged aspect. You can get Royal Enfield modification accessories for your motorcycle to enhance the looks and power.

#3. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Interceptor 650 is a modern retro motorcycle from Royal Enfield, which debuted with the manufacturer’s 650cc power system. Compared with other road cars, Interceptor 650 has the advantages of retro appearance, comfort, and performance. At launch, the Interceptor and Continental were the first Enfield motorcycles to be equipped with the manufacturer’s parallel twin engines.

#4. Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

The Continental GT 650 will be the top-of-the-line Royal Enfield motorbike in India ¬†Although it’s more sporty than the Interceptor, the Continental GT 650 doesn’t have the pavilion seat for a more concentrated design. Continental’s new twin-cylinder 648cc engine debuts in India on both Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.

#5. Royal Enfield Meteor 350

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 replaces Thunderbird and Thunderbird X from the manufacturer’s lineup. But it’s a whole new model, based on a completely new frame and, of course, a new engine. It also looks like a retro cruiser that looks very much like a replacement bike, despite having a whole new foundation.

#6. Royal Enfield Classic 350

As of the 2021 Classic 350, Royal Enfield has fitted it with a new semi-digital instrument panel. Un analogue speedometer, tell-tale warning lights, and digital readouts for the twin tripmeters, fuel level and Eco indication can be found on the dash panel of the vehicle. Additionally, the bike is available with a smartphone-compatible navigation system. All the switchgear on the Meteor 350 has old-fashioned dials.


Old motorcycles are still reflected in the Royal Enfield design. Before 2014, Royal Enfield manufactured motorcycles by hand, but demand skyrocketed, and the company was forced to switch to machines. As a result, Bullet tanks have hand-painted pinstriping. When Royal Enfield initially arrived in India, the same family did the pin-striping. You can also get modifications for your Royal Enfield bikes from the automotive parts store.

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